Walleye Opener 2001

Day 1 - Late yesterday morning there was knock at the door. When Teresa answered it, she was floored to see my BOAT! You see it opened the garage door rolled up to the door and knocked. It wanted to know where I was because the fish were biting, and it was going!
She then called me on the cell. After telling me all this, I rushed home and got ready.
THE BOAT WAS RIGHT! One the first day of spring the first walleye of 2001 crossed the gunnels of my boat. It was huge, but a relief for the itch!  All total I took 22 walleyes from the punch press at 13-14 1/2 inches, and lost a 5lb + fish next to the boat. Also got 2 small northerns. Not to shabby for not more than an hour of fishing time.
I'll get more time on the water today if I get going now!

Day 2 - Can you believe this. On the first day of the walleye year, I caught 22 walleyes and 2 northerns. on the 2nd day of the year, on the 2nd cast, I catch a 22" walleye. FISHY HUH!!

Another good day overall. Cold front passed and slowed things down, but all total we got 20 walleyes 1 northern 26" and a 32" musky. oops almost forgot the white sucker.
Just for the record. Teresa did out fish me! 11-9 on walleye other fish were mine, but we were after walleye and the rest don't count!?! (yes dear).

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